Our Sound!


Nyungwe, composed by Dr. Dumisani Maraire, and taught to us by our first teacher, Stan Sitnik. Nyungwe is a region in Mozambique. Kambuyu played our arrangement of Nyungwe Live at the GLFN Benefit 2012, in Trumansburg, NY.

Dumisani Maraire. Photo by Paul Novitski, Friday Harbor, 1994.


Kambuyu Plays Mira!


Martha’s story of writing her first marimba song–Mira!

Our first teacher, Stan Sitnik was a great motivator. He taught us 3-4 traditional Zimbabwean marimba songs on his instruments. Stan then made it clear if we really, really wanted this music in our lives we must BUILD OUR OWN INSTRUMENTS. Stan was reluctant to teach new songs until we accomplished this. While we worked hard on building, Martha wrote us this song. We like to think it means “Waiting for the Teacher”. The marimbas are in the basement practice area. The washer and dryer are there too. The song might also mean “Waiting for the Laundry”.

We feel Martha with us every time we play this one….

This video is a compilation of several of our favorite places we’ve played!!!

A Taste of Kambuyu!

kambuyu movie